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Slovenia [Voljatel]
Time in Slovenia [Voljatel]
placeSlovenia [Voljatel]

Cheap Calls to Slovenia [Voljatel] (from NaNp) - Call Rates Compared

Residents of United Kingdom who make international phone calls to Slovenia [Voljatel] GB United Kingdom GB

All cheap call rates from the UK to mobile phone numbers in Slovenia [Voljatel]. Time in the capital of Slovenia [Voljatel] is 07:27.

Faded out call rates are for providers that are found to be not very reliable (read more about this in Table information explained ). Access numbers and call rates are listed in the order of cheapest provider first, from 0 cheap call providers . Prices shown are service charge of the call only. Total call cost also includes phone provider's access charge (about call charges). You don't need to browse through numerous providers web sites to get up to date call rates and access numbers (both tend to change regularly) - this site does it for you, saving you time and ensuring you get the best deal. To make a call, simply dial an access number, wait for a prompt then dial the number in Slovenia [Voljatel], finishing by pressing hash(#) key. Works from any UK landline or mobile. No signup or registration is required or PINs to remember, you can start making cheap calls today! Prices updated 4 hours ago

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Access Number
Access number for destination
Phone call rate, pence per minute + phone company’s access charge
Sound quality of a call, %
Call provider of access number
Call delay time overhead, seconds
Provider's accuracy of information, %