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Help & FAQ & Related Information on Calls to Swaziland from UK

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Below, you'll find links to various help pages, tutorials, how-to videos, frequently asked questions and other relevant information about making cheap calls to Swaziland. Topics cover billing and call charges, how to use this website effectively to find cheap international calls to Swaziland, how to make free calls to Swaziland and other world destinations. Click on arrow_forward for any of the list items below, to go to a specific help page, or click on Rates to see the list of all access numbers for making cheap calls to Swaziland.

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Most popular help snippets for Swaziland

This section lists most popular snippets from the help pages linked in the previous section, relating to the information about cheap international calls to Swaziland.

Call costs for access numbers to Swaziland

FROM: Help & How-To & FAQ > Call Charges Swaziland

When you're calling Swaziland from the United Kingdom phone line (landline or mobile) via access numbers, you are charged in two parts, access charge and service charge (see this Ofcom article for more information). The access charge part of the call cost is going to your phone line company (BT, Talk Talk, Sky, Virgin, etc.), and a service charge part of the cost is going to the organisation you are calling, the owner of the number, in this case it is the provider of low cost international calls (e.g. one of 74 providers compared on this website).

The access charge for calls to 08 and 09 numbers is different for each phone line company. The access charge tariffs for landline or mobile phone line providers is listed in help section, Phone line provider access charge. The service charge for calls to 08 numbers is between 0p and 15p per minute. The service charge for calls to 09 numbers can be as little as 5p per minute and can cost over 1 pound. The value of service charge is fixed to each access number and rarely changes. The table that compares all available rates on Swaziland page lists access numbers and their respective service charge. When you see call rates for Swaziland, you also need to add the access charge. More on this below in help section, Call charges explained..

Phone line provider access charge

FROM: Help & How-To & FAQ > Call Charges Swaziland

Below are the access charge tariffs for landline and mobile phone companies as well as public payphone. This is one of the two parts of the call cost for dialing the access number for low cost calls to Swaziland. The tariffs are for non-business users and inclusive of VAT. Please note, companies constantly adjust their charges, visit your phone line provider web site (links are provided in the tables below) for up to date access charge tariffs to service numbers.

How to find and make cheap calls to Swaziland (video)

FROM: Help & How-To & FAQ > How to Find Cheap Calls to Swaziland > How to Video

How to make a cheap call to Swaziland

FROM: Help & How-To & FAQ > How to Make Cheap Calls to Swaziland

Please watch the video and read accompanying description in help section, How to Find Cheap Calls to Swaziland from UK, to learn about different ways you can use the information on this website to find access numbers to Swaziland the way which is faster for you. Once you're comfortable navigating through the website, these are the steps to make a cheap international call to Swaziland.

  1. Lookup Swaziland in the table to find the corresponding access number. There is a number of ways you can find the best access numbers to call Swaziland.
  2. Dial an access number for Swaziland. Once you picked the cheapest and most reliable access number, pick up the phone and dial the access number. The number is usually a non-geographic number (NGN) which is charged at the rate, stated in the table, plus the access charge (your phone line operator charge).
  3. When connected, enter the full international phone number in Swaziland, starting with 00268, and finish with the hash-key (#). After you dial the access number, you will be connected to automatic voice message, which will prompt you to dial the number. Please wait until the recorded voice message starts, before dialing the number in Swaziland. Most providers allow you to start dialing the moment you hear the voice, so you don't have to wait till the end of the message. By pressing the hash-key (#) at the end of dialing, you speed up the process of connecting to the number in Swaziland. If you don't press the hash-key (#), you will be connected after some pause. Note, that you will be charged from the moment you hear recorded voice message and not from the moment someone in Swaziland answers the call.

One of the instant access numbers has charged too much for my call to Swaziland

FROM: Help & How-To & FAQ > FAQ & Related Information About Calling Swaziland > Frequently asked questions for calling Swaziland

In principle, the low cost providers cannot overcharge you. The rates to all access numbers are set by Ofcom, the UK telecommunications regulator. There may be several reasons you were charged more when calling Swaziland using the access number:

  • You only took into account the service charge of the call (the rate shown in the table). The total price of the call consists of both access charge and service charge (see questions above).
  • You called Swaziland from a mobile phone but expected to be charged as if calling from the landline. Many mobile network providers have a higher access charge.
  • You called Swaziland from payphone but expected to be charged as if calling from the landline. Calling from payphone attracts a higher access charge.
  • The access number for Swaziland advertised by the low cost call provider had inaccurate price. Call Rates Scanner is a comparison site for cheap calls to Swaziland and over 300 other destinations, offered by 74 chep call providers. Although we're updating information from all the providers several times a day, we have no control over the accuracy of the information advertised by those providers. However, we periodically check the verity of this information and evaluate each provider on how up-to-date and accurate it is. The verity of each provider is displayed as a percentage in the table on the page for all cheap calls to Swaziland. We recommend you chose the access number with higher verity of information to avoid potentially additional costs.

In summary, the rates you are actually charged on your bill depend on the prices set by your phone line provider. Low cost call providers have no influence on their billing system, nor do they receive a penny extra of any surcharge applied. We advise you to get in touch with your phone line provider to protest your bill. In case of inaccurately advertised access numbers, we advice you get in touch with the low cost provider whose access number you dialed, if you wish to complain. Should your phone line provider or low cost provider not settle the issue satisfactorily please visit Ofcom's website for guidance.